Since the group’s establishment at the East San Gabriel Valley Japanese Community Center in June of 1981, Kishin Daiko has continued to entertain, educate and enlighten audiences with the dynamic, powerful and heart stopping sounds of taiko (Japanese drumming).

Kishin Daiko is a multi-ethnic, multi-generational taiko group that exemplifies harmony with diversity in their membership makeup and the music they play. Kishin Daiko’s music consists of traditional and adaptations of traditional Japanese taiko pieces, along with original compositions by contemporary musicians and Kishin members.

Most of the various sized drums used by Kishin are handmade by the group members. The time consuming process of making and maintaining their own drums helps members better understand and gain respect for the instrument and sound. Various melodic wind instruments such as the Fue (bamboo flute played horizontally) and the Shakuhachi (bamboo flute played vertically) are also incorporated to complete Kishin Daiko’s original ethnic sounds.

Although Kishin’s performances are usually focused in Southern California, they have also toured Japan to perform and study taiko. Some of their performance highlights include: The Los Angeles Philharmonic’s 75th Anniversary at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion; The World Cup Soccer Celebration at Universal Studios; The United Nation’s Blue Sky Project at Paramount Studios; The Super bowl XXXII Pre Game; and Michelle Kwan Day.

As a family, Kishin Daiko devotes itself to sharing Japanese culture and promoting community harmony through the group’s uniquely engaging and diverse expression of taiko music. We invite you to join us in this experience.